Police Raid finds illegal gambling den of $45 million

An illegal Chinese gambling hideout operating under the pretense of a poker club has been exposed by local authorities in the Hubei Province. As pre newest reports, the illegal gambling hub was actually recognized as a poker club which aimed well-educated gamblers, but recent probes showed that it offered an range of illegal casino games.

After detaining casino employees and 140 gamblers, along with twenty-one members of the group in accusation of the illegal business, authorities were able to determine that they had made over three hundred million Yuan (US$ 45 million) in the first half of last year.

In total, the club had seventeen gaming tables as well as two VIP rooms. It has been reported that ninety percent of their registered members were primarily university educated and they held advanced degrees.

Still, in spite of well known backgrounds of several patrons, the club was the center of a top illegitimate operation that the authorities are now attempting to disclose. In mainland China, gambling is not legal and Macau is the only jurisdiction of the country where you have casinos. However, the set-up is not without problems.
Earlier in April, in spite having the permission to arrange an APPT event in Nanjing, PokerStars was pushed to bring a temporary stop to proceedings after local police personnel came inside the venue and asked that the event must be shut down.