India’s Poker Startups Profit Model

India is emerging as a new market for poker says annual financial report of leading online poker websites.

Online poker is gaining in financial terms and people are making good profit from it. According to data available the online poker gaming companies are making profit up to 5 Cores in one financial year which is really awesome for startup companies.

The success of online poker gaming companies like PokerBaazi, Adda52 and Spartan is players. The number of online poker player is increasing day by day. People are making short term profit from these websites and that has attracted many towards it. On the condition of anonymity an analyst working in an international gaming company said “I spend seven to eight hours each day playing poker game online. With my skills I often make up to Rs 9000-10,000 that to within 15 minutes. It’s not like I never lose in the game, I do, but the wins are attractive enough to keep me intact with game.”

He further added “I got to know about this game almost one year ago and after that I am attached to it. It’s an interesting game, especially to those who love playing logical and strategy-oriented games. To play and win in poker one has to be good at math too.” This young person wants to be a professional poker one day.

The co-founder of Spartan poker a leading online poker platform Rajat Agrawal said ‘Online poker is a profit-generating model, though it is not easy to exactly predict the size of industry in India.” Online poker is making profit in India is understood by the fact that last year the industry size was between $110-120 million. This year in September Delta Corp the hospitality company bought Adda52 the financially secured company for Rs 155 Crore.