Greg Merson is opening the Macau secrets

Macau is taken as hub of interesting games and Macau secret is out by popular poker player Greg Merson recently. Greg Merson has recently participated in high stakes poker game in Macau and finally he decided to share his gambling experience with common people.

It is really great to meet with China people. Greg Merson is a legend poker player who has performed incredibly well in WSOP Asia Pacific main event. He has trained many young players under him but he does not like the things how they are going into live poker. According to Greg Merson, it is truly an amazing experience to play any game in Macau. Greg would love to visit this place this place again and again.

When you are playing in public casinos, experience is completely different as it was in local or private casinos. As a good player, you can take advantage against weakest players but you have to be extra cautious and smart. Poker is a game of skills and bluff, if you know how to bluff the players then you can easily become a winner. According to Greg Merson, he has met with number of people who have made their life style better after entering to the poker world. They have become more wealthy and famous after entering to the poker industry.

Greg Merson is making his regular earning with poker game only. He does need to play Star World to survive. He is doing very well at WSOP main events and WPT poker events. Other players are learning poker strategies and tips from this poplar poker pro. You can also check his live performance at poker listing website or you can check YouTube videos. Merson has played most of his tournaments in Macau only. This is the place where he has become famous and he has learnt plenty of things to survive.