Matusow Speaks Out

Reputed poker player Mike Matusow, popular as The Mouth, speaks about the poker industry and also about some individual players. Matusow is self-opinionated as he enters the poker industry whether it is brick and mortar casinos, online poker and so on. It was since the last summer that the pro has been shielded away from the world of poker as he admitted that he was churned up by the whole situation that cropped over after online poker’s Black Friday.

He took a fresh start at the WSAOP 2012 with grabbing two eight place finishes and earning near about $75,000. Matusow is someone who loves to chat on the break in the $10k H.O.R.S.E giving us ideas on online poker along with playing live poker and much more.

On asking why he was not seen in the last year, Mike replied saying that he was just relaxing at his home a he also suffering from some mental problems but now he is doing really well. Mike said that playing poker is his passion and he has hardly played it. There was a phase in his life when he was disgusted with the game but now he is back in his form. He also said that there are many criminal sites that can harm your gaming power and he has gone through the downside of playing poker. Johnny Chan and Joseph Hachem were amongst the players online.

On asking about how other poker players are behaving with him, he frankly said that recently he talked to Ivey who was little bit upset with him because of the opinion that he voiced. Ivy told him that Mike has not heard his side which made him angry against Mike. Mike and Ivy talked for some time and it was a healthy conversation.