Maryland Casino talking about outer space tours

The largest casino of Maryland is now offering gamblers a scope to win a outer space tour.

Maryland Live! Casino, in Hanover, has a publicity going through the March’s end which would honor four US$ 75000 tickets to the outer space. The casino collaborated with an Arizona based company that does not have a name yet for this promotion, as per a report from Other companies in the United States are also working hard to get a place in this space.

The casino told that this is the very first in the nation to offer a promotion that involves tickets to travel outside the atmosphere of Earth. The tours might happen by 2017’s end. Buzz Aldrin, the 2nd person in history to walk on the moon, was present at the casino on Thursday to be a part of the whole advertisement process.

As per Capital Gazette, the whole space tour would be subject to approvings by Commercial Space Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration’s Office. The casino stated that this is really a trip of a lifetime.

The whole promotion comes as a casino from the MGM at the National Harbor comes toward its culmination. That US$ 1.3 billion casino that is anticipated to start operation by the end of this year would rival Maryland Live! for the top grossing property of the state.

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