Italian Influence

In 2009, Jeffrey “Iceman” Lisandro accomplished a feat in World Series of Poker that a lot of people thought would be difficult to achieve in the post-Moneymaker era when he won three bracelets in a single year. Lisandro did just that, taking down Stud, Stud Hi/Lo and Razz events to make him the undisputed Stud games champion of 2009. He is not considering himself yet to be a premiere Stud player in the world of poker but would not associate himself with No Limit Hold’em.

You’ve really excelled in the $10,000 buy-in Championship events. Do the bracelets mean more to you when you win them in a smaller field, but one packed with tough competition than winning one in a large field No Limit Hold’em event?
His response was, “I don’t really enjoy playing No Limit Hold’em. I’ll play any game except No Limit Hold’em. I’ve been avoiding the No Limit Hold’em events so far this year.” And the year was 2009. I wonder if he would change his mind today and win more games for himself.

If there is something that he would not let go, it is his Italian heritage and when he was asked of the national anthem of Italy that was played during one of his wins:

“Very important. I’m very happy I won two bracelets this year because I consider myself an Australian-Italian and a lot of Italians don’t cope too well with the fact I say I’m Italian, but I’m Italian. I’m an Italian citizen, I have an Italian passport and other nations aren’t like America. In America, it doesn’t matter where you came from, you’re an American. One thing I value is my citizenship and the fact that I wasn’t born in Italy, but I am Italian. So, I am going to play the Italian national anthem today not for the guys, who knock me, but for myself and for my country.”