2013 poker hall

World series of poker released the name of candidates for 2013 poker hall. This year almost 10 nominees are included in the WSOP main event championship. They include two European legends and four WSOP bracelet winners. Scotty Nguyen is considered as one of the colorful personalities who captured 1998 WSOP main event title. He is being known as the prince of poker and a successful player of this generation.

Only two players will enter as the finalist and almost 19 members are included in the voting process. The voting will end on October 11. Nguyen is a recognizable player in poker history, he has captured four more bracelets including $50,000 players championship. In his career he has earned 272 cashes.

He was born in Vietnam and when he was a teenager he came to US to become a poker dealer. Within a short period of time, he started playing bigger games in Las Vegas. It was a lengthy nomination process at WSOP.com and the governing council publicly listed 10 finalists which included his name. Nguyen has his own style and charisma and he is one of the well known personalities in the poker world. He has come over a long way to live his dream and as a professional poker player. Nguyen with 22 tournament wins and 20 WSOP final tables he won his first WPT title in 2006. While playing different competitions he has maintained a success across three decades. This is the fifth time his name is included in the nomination process.

Nguyen is being highly recognized by mainstream audiences. The poker hall of fame is a popularity contest and he always remains appealed by mainstream poker viewers. The inductees will be announced in the WSOP main event final table which is going to be conducted at the Rio hotel in October.