Caesars Entertainment Announces Shutting Of Tunica Roadhouse Casino

Tunica Roadhouse Casino in Mississippi had many features exclusive to Tunica casinos, which included a mechanical bull, beer pong etc. This casino is now about to shut down in January 2019 due to persistent drops in business and the increase in the competition. This 31,000 sq. ft. the land is now about to render almost 150 workers without their jobs. In the past, Tunica was home to World Poker Tour event, conducted every year. Around 700 slot machines and quite a few numbers of table games will be shutting down by the end of January, but the hotel shall still continue to function.

The Tunica region still struggles and is now suffering from a 12-year decline in revenue. It started to lose its business to the iGaming machines since 2005. The competition is sure to increase, for Arkansas has voted to legalize 4 casinos in November. Tunica’s 8 casinos have said to bring in $595 million in 2017, representing a decline of about 6 percent.
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Jackpot Win At Sky City Casino

An Auckland poker player surprised people as he transformed a $35 hand into several million dollars in 25th July at Sky City. She won one of the biggest progressive jackpots at New Zealand’s Sky City Casino. The winner visits the casino with her spouse at least once in a couple of months as confirmed by the staff. She hit the jackpot through a Royal Flush upon which a cheque was handed over to her worth $1,108,585.60. In total, she had placed $35 on a single hand and managed a Royal Flush. And, the odds for the same are 649,740 to one which made her win the full jackpot.

Michael Ahearne, the group chief operating officer, said casino staff were electrified and could not believe that the lady won the jackpot. He said it’s a situation of right hand and right place as the progressive jackpot has seldom been so big in the past. It is so good to see a player win such a huge amount through a single hand. This has become the buzzing news and the staff is only talking about it.

The supervisor of the casino said the poker table was filled with people and all players were highly excited and happy for the winner, although she was in a sense of shock after achieving a full jackpot. The winner distributed small amount of money to other players and it was indeed a good gesture said the supervisor.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a traditional poker wherein players are given one hand of 5 cards and have the play against the house so as to gain a 5 card poker hand bigger than that of the dealer. One can also take part in a progressive jackpot bonus using a side bet. The player should be dealt with a Royal Flush and the highest hand in Caribbean Stud Poker wins the entire jackpot.

Nick Petrangelo Ships $25K High Roller For $624,676

At PokerStars, Day World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) saw another thirteen champions declared and crowned.

The championship had five low buy-in events and eight big buy-in events, which is coming to an end.

Nick Petrangelo was the biggest winner of the day who managed to beat the field of 149 players in WCOOP-66-H: $25,000 NLHE [8-Max, High Roller], $3M Guaranteed.
The champions witnessed the entries of 149 players which created the prize pool of $3,654,225 and top 17 places were paid out in the tournament and the eventual winner was set to receive $767,030.

The first day of this two-day event, ended after 21 levels of play. It concluded on the bubble with the remaining 18 players.

End of the day, Mikita “fish2013” Badziakouski, held the chip lead with 807,298. fish2013 was followed by Adrian “Amadi_017” Mateos (698,422) closely. The top position was acquired by Patrick “pads1161” Leonard (674,222) third, Petrangelo (653,563) fourth and Bryn “Bryn Kenney” Kenney (564,262) fifth.

On the second day of the event, in the early goings David “dpeters17” Peters was the one who doubled the money, falling one spot down in 18th place.
Final table action

The final table started with Bartlomeij “bartek901” Machon as a chip leader having more than 2 million chips in comparison to the second highest who had around 1 million chips, a huge margin.

Soon after the beginning of the game Badziakouski at the final table ended up getting short and then he the first to exit when he raised 80,000 of his 95,000 stack and after that Leonard put three-bet with him. In the next few moves, Badziakouski called and turned over whereas Leonard had flopped. He flopped a pair with the flop. At this time the turn and the river turned as no help to Badziakouski sent out, he finished at the ninth place for $105,205.

Minissha Lamba The Celebrity Face Off Adda52.Com, the leading Poker website has signed Minissha Lamba the Bollywood actress as its first professional poker player (celebrity) in India.

This is not like Minissha has been picked by the website just like that, but she has been playing poker for the past seven years, a sport that focuses on mind challenges and intellectual.

She has been seen in many tournaments of poker in Goa and she has been the Indian Poker Championship (IPC) part and also the part of the Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) and these are only few to name. Very soon the celebrity poker player Minissha will be visiting Las Vegas to play the poker tournament WPT 500 Aria for

As far as the popularity of poker in India is concerned, then this game is gaining enormous popularity to both professional and amateur poker players. It is giving opportunities to unprofessional poker players to develop their skills and encouraging number of people to take up this progressive mind sport.

After savoring the success of season of the Poker Sports League, the association of website with the Minissha is about to give another surprise to poker lovers in India.

When contacted Minissha to know about the same, she said, “ is leading poker website and I am really happy to be part of this. The website has provided a great platform for the Poker players to showcase their skills. It has helped a number of amateur poker pros to grow and have encouraged people to better understand this game which has the skill and played like a sport.” She said, “I am happy that has chosen me to represent the website at the tournament WPT 500 Aria poker. I am improving my skills of poker with and hoping for more in future.”

Lisandro Won Sixth WSOP Bracelet

Jeffrey Lisandro the Australian poker pro beat a field of 123 players in the World Series of Poker Asia Pacific event of 2014.

The event was the $1,650 AUD pot-limit and it was won by the Lisandro. Winning the event, Lisandro entered in the club poker pro Daniel Negreanu. This is the sixth WSOP gold bracelet won by Lisandro in a year.

And in addition to winning the bracelet in the WSOP 2014, the player also won the amount of $51,660 AUD. In the USD the amount becomes $44,805 USD. In the three different continents there are only two players who have made this record.

The competition was three days long and Lisandro came into the final table of six-handed in the third chip position. It did not take much time for Lisandro do win the tournament. After 35 hands he was in front of Jason Gray to claim the title as well as the bracelet. Both the players played nearly 100 hands and finally getting it in to see a flop of 752. In the match, Lisandro raised and Gray fired 12,000. Lisandro called with the AKJ5 and Gray moved all in.

For the best Gray held the J754. He had with two pair at the moment. On the 4 turn Lisandro pick up a straight gutshot draw. And in addition to that, he has the nut flush, and then on the river 3 completed the draw and give Lisandro the wheel. The straight of Lisandro earned him the game. He got the pot of prize as well the title of the event. And Gray was sent to the rail. He finished as a runner up of the event.

Sharing his experience after winning the event, Lisandro said, “Playing against the Jason was not at all easy, he wanted to win the event at any cost.”

Online Poker In Croatia

Croatian fans of online poker have already had legal online poker rooms, operating in the country such as 888 and PokerStars.

The latest entrant in this field is SuperSport. This company has recently obtained the license to launch an online poker software. The beta mode of the website currently offers cash games of No Limit hold’em which has a certain player hand limit for each day. They are also drawing up tournament schedules on their site for the first time players and members. There would be further variants of poker to be introduced by this company, to compete with the other sites that are already operating in the country.

However the Croatian market has a cautious approach when it comes to online poker. The rules that guide and control online poker in this country state that those who wish to start online poker rooms need to have a land based casino venture in order to apply to the Ministry of Finance for a license.

SuperSport was able to gain their license recently as they have a casino as well as over 300 shops on sports betting. These are not new, the oldest venture being operational after 13 years. SuperSport is also launching casino games of different kinds on its website as well as a sport betting avenue. The sports book that they are promoting has already been in existence. The website of SuperSport offers an innovative platform that focuses on the recreational player segment. There is an absence of Seating Scripts as well as Heads up displays which are also absent. Pokerdom also has added sports betting to their online gambling venue in this country. Those who come onto their site will see the game options like live dealer, sports, casino and poker. Pokerdom also offers something unique known as Open Face Chinese games that are popular among players.

India’s Poker Startups Profit Model

India is emerging as a new market for poker says annual financial report of leading online poker websites.

Online poker is gaining in financial terms and people are making good profit from it. According to data available the online poker gaming companies are making profit up to 5 Cores in one financial year which is really awesome for startup companies.

The success of online poker gaming companies like PokerBaazi, Adda52 and Spartan is players. The number of online poker player is increasing day by day. People are making short term profit from these websites and that has attracted many towards it. On the condition of anonymity an analyst working in an international gaming company said “I spend seven to eight hours each day playing poker game online. With my skills I often make up to Rs 9000-10,000 that to within 15 minutes. It’s not like I never lose in the game, I do, but the wins are attractive enough to keep me intact with game.”

He further added “I got to know about this game almost one year ago and after that I am attached to it. It’s an interesting game, especially to those who love playing logical and strategy-oriented games. To play and win in poker one has to be good at math too.” This young person wants to be a professional poker one day.

The co-founder of Spartan poker a leading online poker platform Rajat Agrawal said ‘Online poker is a profit-generating model, though it is not easy to exactly predict the size of industry in India.” Online poker is making profit in India is understood by the fact that last year the industry size was between $110-120 million. This year in September Delta Corp the hospitality company bought Adda52 the financially secured company for Rs 155 Crore.

Lyons Claims LA WPT Legends Of Poker

Pat Lyons from California is a powerhouse as far as poker is concerned as he won the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker title event held at the Bicycle Hotel & Casino in Los Angeles for $615,346.

This professional poker has been having a whale of a time of late and entered this tournament with a win in the 12th Annual Arizona State Poker Championship held in August mid for $241,700.

Lyons had career earnings from tournaments at $53,933, but more than doubled it by winning the WPT Legends tournament in the suburbs of Bell Gardens in LA. The next best performance at the event was from Benjamin Zamani, who amassed $341,412 and the third position went to Upeshka De Silva for $198,720.

Lyons started the final six behind chip leader William Vo. With Rafael Oliveira gets busted in the seventh hand of the final table with jacks against De Silva’s trip sixes, Lyons got into the lead on the final table. Vo followed the Brazilian Rafael in the fifth when he called an ace-king high against De Silva, who had a pair of jacks to show. This gave De Silva a chance to move further up the table.

It looked like De Silva would be a threat to Lyons as he had made a good move up the table to defeat three players in a row. But, he could not sustain his recent form and was busted with jacks against queen-ten after 93 hands. He had to quit in the third position.

Lyons got 2 chips to 1 lead over Benjamin, and after 18 hands in the heads-up Lyons shoved with ace-eight and Zamani had only ace-deuce to show and thereby handed Lyons the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker title. Pat Lyons has now earned a seat in the WPT Tournament of Champions by virtue of this win.

Maryland Casino talking about outer space tours

The largest casino of Maryland is now offering gamblers a scope to win a outer space tour.

Maryland Live! Casino, in Hanover, has a publicity going through the March’s end which would honor four US$ 75000 tickets to the outer space. The casino collaborated with an Arizona based company that does not have a name yet for this promotion, as per a report from Other companies in the United States are also working hard to get a place in this space.

The casino told that this is the very first in the nation to offer a promotion that involves tickets to travel outside the atmosphere of Earth. The tours might happen by 2017’s end. Buzz Aldrin, the 2nd person in history to walk on the moon, was present at the casino on Thursday to be a part of the whole advertisement process.

As per Capital Gazette, the whole space tour would be subject to approvings by Commercial Space Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration’s Office. The casino stated that this is really a trip of a lifetime.

The whole promotion comes as a casino from the MGM at the National Harbor comes toward its culmination. That US$ 1.3 billion casino that is anticipated to start operation by the end of this year would rival Maryland Live! for the top grossing property of the state.

Meanwhile, after the loyalty program changes of 888poker, a post on their official site stated that they would like to assure you that despite these major alterations, 888poker would fully honor its cash-back commitment to all players, including its VIPs, who are currently entitled to yearly cash back in the existing rewards plan.

Police Raid finds illegal gambling den of $45 million

An illegal Chinese gambling hideout operating under the pretense of a poker club has been exposed by local authorities in the Hubei Province. As pre newest reports, the illegal gambling hub was actually recognized as a poker club which aimed well-educated gamblers, but recent probes showed that it offered an range of illegal casino games.

After detaining casino employees and 140 gamblers, along with twenty-one members of the group in accusation of the illegal business, authorities were able to determine that they had made over three hundred million Yuan (US$ 45 million) in the first half of last year.

In total, the club had seventeen gaming tables as well as two VIP rooms. It has been reported that ninety percent of their registered members were primarily university educated and they held advanced degrees.

Still, in spite of well known backgrounds of several patrons, the club was the center of a top illegitimate operation that the authorities are now attempting to disclose. In mainland China, gambling is not legal and Macau is the only jurisdiction of the country where you have casinos. However, the set-up is not without problems.
Earlier in April, in spite having the permission to arrange an APPT event in Nanjing, PokerStars was pushed to bring a temporary stop to proceedings after local police personnel came inside the venue and asked that the event must be shut down.